Anak Artis Season 2 has been viewed 15 Million times

This web-series has been proven successful in creating view-ability and generating talk-ability. In average each episode was viewed 1.1 million times, doubling the views from the first season.


Following the success from the 1st session, our Award Winning web-series Anak Artis continues to be viewed in the mobile device by our Millennials audience.


The success of Anak Artis has also made Valerie (one of the star) a trending topic and one of the most read articles in Kapanlagi sites. Our recipe for success: An integrated approach in-depth planning during the story creation, casting the right talent and distributing the web-series in using the scale of KLN Network of Sites, as well as leveraging social media network platform from both KLN social media and each one of the casts for extending the reach.


The Royal Relationship is the 2nd installment of #AnakArtis web-series, the reality show about Indonesia celebrity’s child. Featuring familiar faces from the first season; Nadine Emmanuella (Ruth Sahanaya), Valerie Thomas (Jeremy Thomas), Brandon Salim (Ferry Salim), and Shawn Adrian (Andi Soraya). This season also introducing El Rumi (Ahmad Dhani) & Nadira Adnan (Enny Beatrice) as the new cast.


This season was launched on mid-April 2016 with total 14 episodes. Each episode focusing on their relationship and dating experiences, which successfully created social media sparks. At the end of season, #AnakArtis2 has reached 15 million views from YouTube and Facebook video.


#AnakArtis2: The Royal Relationship is proudly sponsored by Cornetto, Ponds, and Samsung Galaxy J Series.



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